Diesel Airbags

Airbags are one of the greatest features of modern diesel trucks, though they aren’t often considered until you need them. From Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman, KS, here’s a nod to one of the better vehicle advancements of our time.

You most likely remember a time when airbags weren’t that common, or at least not as effective as they are today. Airbags took a lot of engineering and effort to perfect, only really becoming extremely effective in the past several years. The first patent for an airbag system was filed in 1919, but it would be decades before technology advanced enough to make them viable - and another couple decades still before they saw widespread usage. It wasn’t until the 80s and 90s that cars were regularly equipped with them, and only recently have they become standard and effective in collisions that aren’t head-on.

If you have an airbag warning light on in your pickup, get it serviced. You never know when you’ll need them, and you’ll definitely be glad you had them if the occasion ever arises. Airbags rely on a system of sensors, components, and explosives to deploy correctly - keep your airbag system in good shape, just in case.  No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best diesel service shop in Inman, KS, call or stop by Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc today.

A Brief History of the Diesel Engine

If you drive a Duramax, Powerstroke, or Cummins diesel pickup, you obviously appreciate the power of the diesel engine. But where did it all start, and why are diesels most commonly found in trucks today? Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman, KS has the answer, because we love diesel trucks and took the time to look it up!

Diesel technology was actually pioneered by a man named Rudolf Diesel, while the steam engine was the predominant power source for large industries.  He set up his shop in Paris  and the process would last 13 years. In the 1890s, he received a number of patents for his invention of an efficient, slow burning, compression ignition, internal combustion engin.  At first, it didn’t seem viable, but he kept working at the technology - and by 1908, the first diesel engine was installed in a truck.  Early diesel engines were large and operated at low speeds due to the limitations of their compressed air-assisted fuel injection systems. In its early years, the diesel engine was competing with another heavy fuel oil engine concept—the hot-bulb engine invented by Akroyd-Stuart. High-speed diesel engines were introduced in the 1920s for commercial vehicle applications and in the 1930s for passenger cars.

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Why Do Diesel Trucks Break Down?

Chevrolet, Ford and Ram diesel pickups are well built machines. Still, sometimes they break down. Here’s what you can do to stop that, from Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman, KS. 

Sometimes, things just break - it’s just part of owning a vehicle. However, a lot of breakdown prevention is in your hands. Diesel fuel systems, turbos, and vacuum systems require strict maintenance to stay working properly, and the rest of your truck needs regular maintenance and inspection as well.

Most of the time, there are indicators or maintenance items that should’ve been taken care of long before a major problem arises. By having your truck serviced by professionals, getting issues tackled sooner rather than later, and keeping up with maintenance, you can keep your truck on the road for thousands more miles to come, and decrease breakdowns by a large margin.

For all your repair and maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best diesel service shop in Inman, KS, call or stop by Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc today.

Will Electric Trucks Take The Place of Diesel?

Currently, the future of electric vehicles looks promising - though it won’t likely replace your Duramax, Powerstroke, or Cummins engine any time soon. Still, we don’t know what the immediate future holds. Interestingly, this battle was waged once before in the past, with combustion engines taking the throne over electric power. Here’s a brief history of electric automobiles, from Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman, KS.

A full 20 years before the Model T rolled out, the first production, rechargeable electric car went into production in 1888. By 1900, there were 30,000 electric cars in the world - in a time when cars weren’t all that common to begin with. Really, it wasn’t until the electric starter was invented in 1912 that combustion engines won over the market, making them the defining power plant of the 20th century. Now, electric cars are seen as a futuristic way to combat pollution; back then, they were simply quieter, more powerful, and easier to operate than a fossil fuel powered ride.

It’s long been proven that electric power is a viable way to move a car down the road. So much so, it’s the history we almost had.  For now, however, we’ll stick to diesel. No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best diesel service shop in Inman, KS, call or stop by Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc today.

It Is Coming - Get Your AC In Shape

If you drive a Chevy, Ford, or Ram diesel pickup, you want to make sure your AC is in good working order when the weather warms up. With spring right down the road, now is the time to have it inspected. At Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman, KS, we can help.

Don’t wait until the weather takes a turn to get your air conditioning ready to go. There’s a good chance you haven’t used it much over the past few months, and it needs a refresh to be prepared for the months ahead. You’ll be glad you got it taken care of in advance when the temperature starts to rise this spring.

From filters to flushes and component replacements, our technicians are here to help. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get your AC blowing cold and ready for the months ahead. Stop by and let us take a look because you don't want to wait until it's hot outside to turn that AC unit on in your truck and find out it's hot inside as well.  RIGHT?  A quick trip into the shop and we can talk about diesel trucks, off road trucks, old trucks, the history of trucks and what is going to be the future of trucks while the technicians ensure your truck is READY when you need it! It's as simple as that and painless! 

No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best diesel service shop in Inman, KS, call or stop by Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc today.

What Does Your Truck Say About Your Personality?

If you drive a Ram, Chevrolet, or Ford diesel truck, have you ever stopped to wonder - what does my pickup say about me?  Probably not; and at Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc in Inman, KS, we haven’t either. You probably like trucks, things that work hard, and things that last a while - but what do we know, we’re experts at fixing trucks, not psychoanalyzing people. We do know that you probably need an oil change soon, one of your wheels might be out of balance, and you likely have a check engine light on that’s getting on your nerves...and we can help you there.

From oil changes to engine swaps, our technicians stick to what they know best; working on trucks. Regardless of what your truck says about you, we’ll keep it on the road for years to come, and leave it up to you to decide what sort of statement it makes.  No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best diesel service shop in Inman, KS, call or stop by Diesel Pickup Specialists, Inc today.

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